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Community Volunteer Program

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Media Team

Community Team

Community Team

Community Volunteer Program

The Community Volunteer Program (CVP) is a volunteer group for GameX. The CVP is a great way to gain experience as part of a community and can also possibly lead to a paid position within GameX, as we are constantly looking for new members to join the team. We have two different departments that you can apply for.


Find below information about the CVP teams.

Community Team

Those that apply for the Community Team work as moderators of the Facebook group and GameX Forums. Your job would be to maintain order in a world of cyber chaos with a level head. Some of the jobs you would do in this role are as such:

    • • Facebook group moderator
    • • GameX Forum moderator
    • • Community game organiser
    • • Live event helper
    • • Community specialist

There is a maximum of 4 people per region as part of the Community Team, who report to one of the 6 community managers.

Media Team

One of the most important teams on GameX CVP,  this team consists of those that create videos for YouTube, work on streams and write content. The Media team members are the drive of our appearance in all forms of media, this team works under the main media team of GameX. There are a variety of jobs for the Media team, including:

  •     •  Video editing
  •     •  Streaming
  •     •  Writing reviews
  •     •  Video reviews on Games/Hardware
  •     •  Graphic designing

The media team work in partnership with the community in some areas regarding things such as social media etc.

Perks of the CVP


Many perks are available from joining the CVP, the following are just some of the biggest.


  •      • Gain beta keys for some upcoming titles.
  •      • Gain access to any event that GameX is present at.
  •      • Receive a team t-shirt.
  •      • Receive invites to company parties and be kept updated with GameX news.
  •      • Receive training and gain experience in the gaming industry.


Please note that we are also more inclined to hire someone from the CVP when looking to fill positions, and you are free to put down on your CV that you have worked with us and will even receive a written reference. This is an excellent opportunity to work in the gaming and media industry and get a foot hold.


Interested? Get in touch.

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