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Gain more exposure using our extensive network

Global Reach

Our reach is not limited to just Ireland, but across the globe. From the United States to the Philipines, we have fans and users checking our sites every day.


We have a plan for everyone, to cater for every publisher. We aim to deliver more results for less money and to give greater exposure for your IP.

Hyper Targeting Advertising

With the GameX platform, we know exactly what each gamer likes and wants. So we can target the audience that would love to buy your games.

Advertising platforms and prices

GameX Platform


Want to get the best exposure possible? This platform is the one for you then.

Using our advanced tagging system we are able to show your game to those that are most likely to buy them.  We can show the featured game of the week to all gamers that have the tags related to your game and it will only be the featured game to those that do not have the game.  With this process, you are not wasting your money showing ads to people that might be interested, you would be showing it to those that would definitely be interested in it.

We run the ‘featured game’ ad on a week by week basis and the cost of it is quite simple to work out, you pay for the tag that week and multiple tags will add up together. For instance…


GameX Hub

We get a lot of visitors to our hub to read our articles and check out the latest videos uploaded. Because of this, we have now begun to advertise on our website to a reach of 20k daily impressions. We have banner ads, sidebar ads and full background ads depending on how much you wish to advertise with us and the length of time. We start off with €200 for one week standard ad on our website, but we can mix and match depending on what you are looking for. Send us an email to find out more information on our advertising network.

Twitter, Instagram and YouTube

We also advertise to twitter, Instagram and Youtube to increase our reach for your ads. These platforms we include in custom campaigns with us and we use them to start discussions or showcase your product. These will be a paid service in the future,  but for now we include them into our packages for all new customers coming to us.


We regularly advertise different companies through our Facebook and have great knowledge of Facebook campaigns. We do budgets of all sizes and can start from as little as €20, depending on what you are aiming at. We start at €1 per 1,000 impressions in some of our campaigns. Send us an email to find out more about our Facebook campaigns and how they can assist you in getting more exposure for your games.


Our Media Reach

Total Social media reach

Our global daily reach

Website daily visits

Add-on Services

Graphic Designs

With our inhouse graphic designer, we are able to custom design any ad for you, the way you like it. We do free graphic designs for any campaign over €300. If you wish to have some graphics design for any of your campaigns, just send us an email and we will send back a price list.

Long Campaigns

If your campaign will be going on for some time, we can create a special campaign that stretches over 6 to 12 months. This campaign can have multiple ads attached to it along with many other IPs. We will also have custom reports included with weekly meetings on Skype or Discord. Send us an email for more info.


Want to do a competition? No problem at all, we do them quite regularly using a platform called, which gives conditions for a person to enter the competition. We can set up competitions starting at €100 and up, it also depends on the value of the competition prizes too. Send us an email for more info.


Are you looking for a review? We do video and written reviews for games and hardware. Prices start from €35 for a written review, please note though that we only accept certain games or hardware for review. If you wish to find out more, send us a email.

Video Trailers

Lights! Camera! Action! We also have team on hand to develop and create video trailers for your games. Looking to show off your game for a kickstarter or steam launch, we can help you there. Our team will create an amazing video trailer to showcase what your game has to offer. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Live Streaming

What better way to show off your game than a live stream? With one or more people, we will set up a stream and show off gameplay footage of your game. Brillant for competitions, raising awarness and also launches. We will get the party starting at GameX HQ streaming, we can even stream to mutiple channels.

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