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GameX is an award winning games recommendation engine that gives gamers a range of different titles based on their previous gaming history.

GameX Engine

The gameX engine is a powerful tool to find that perfect game for you, it connects with any gaming account such as steam and pulls information such as your gaming history, achievements, hours played and tags.


Any recommendation’s you get is saved to your profile, that way in future the GameX engine will be able to help find better and better games each week. The longer you get recommendation’s, the better it gets.


The best aspect of the GameX engine is the information on why you got your recommendation, from your top games you play to the most common tags found we will have all of your gamer stats in one handy place for you. This allows you to have a quick glance at your gaming preference and skills.


We will even have a feature where you can save your PC specs onto the GameX profile, that way you will be able to see if any game you get recommended or discover will be able to run on that device. Not only that, you can add as many devices as you want!

Growing Community

We have a growing community from all over the world, joining discussions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and our website(soon). We will also be creating live event’s all over the world for everyone to come together and discuss all things gaming.

Our Future

Our future is big and bright and we are only just starting, from creating just creating a online portal to find game recommendations to live gaming events and buying game keys. We will have everything covered in our GameX Roadmap which will be coming soon.

Cathal O'Sullivan

CEO of GameX

Cathal is the original founder of GameX.
He developed GameX because he couldn’t find good games to play. He’s been a gamer all of life. He started off with the Nintendo 64. He then moved to consoles while growing up. Finally, he moved on to PC where he played games such as WoW and Civ. Currently, Cathal plays League and Overwatch.

Theo Goyvaerts


Theo is from Dublin and he lives in Celbridge. His hobbies are reading fantasy novels and playing a lot of games, like seriously too much. His favourite game is The Forest. He loves running away and building tree houses to escape
from cannibals.

Alan Bobrowski

Front End Web Developer

Alan is our front-end web developer who has been with GameX almost from the start. He started off by giving the early site a redesign but since then has taken on other responsibilities like taking care of some simple Ruby on rails tasks. More of a console gamer, he doesn’t play many games but will spend hours playing an Elder Scrolls game or enjoy popping some heads online, in Gears of War.

Qamir Hussain

Back End Web Developer

Qamir is from Dublin, he graduated at DCU and his favourite console is the Dreamcast or the PS3. His hobbies include: Music, Reading, Computers and lots of Coffee!

Daire Hardesty


Nerd. Gamer. Comic Book Enthusiast. Film Buff. Former Hardcore Kid. Owner of 1,000 Black T-Shirts. Daire studies creative computing in Dublin, Ireland with a flair for Writing and Video Games.

James Brennan

Graphic Designer

James is from Clontarf, Dublin. He graduated from the National College  of Art and Design with a BA (Hons) degree in Visual Communications. He is a Playstation 4 gamer and loves the horror genre.

Sam Cook

Chief Media and Production Officer

Sam is from Ontario, Canada. Having studied in new media applications at Humber College, Sam is qualified to handle a wide array of media areas having studied in PR, Video Content Creation, Web Development, Graphic Design, and Journalism. He’s a Playstation and PC gamer with a love for RPGs, MMOs, and competitive battle arenas.

Ronan Murphy

Lead Xbox Content Creator

Ronan is from Greystones, Ireland. He is currently a final year student studying Nutraceuticals In Health and Nutrition in Dublin Institute of Technology. He is a youtuber under the name ”Roniboney” and is self taught in photoshop and editing. He’s an Xbox and PC gamer with a love for Halo, First Person Shooters, RTS titles and open world
adventure games.

Adam Cunningham

Lead Game Reviewer

A graduate in Film & Television, an avid gamer, and personal trainer to New England Patriot’s quarter back, Tom Brady. Adam operates as our game reviewer for the YouTube channel, delivering honest opinions and squeezing in some laughs along the way. Also the Tom Brady thing is totally true, don’t
google it.

What is GameX?
GameX will find you the best game. It a very smart little system trawling the web to find the best games out there. Just connect any gaming platform and it will recommend games on mobile, console and PC!
Wait why can I only login with steam?
We’re in alpha! We’re working on PlayStation and Xbox right now. It won’t be too long! So sit tight and if you sign up to our newsletter, you’ll be the first to know!
Why is there a timer above my recomendations?

That little system works very, very hard. It can only give you 3 games each week. The more logins we get,
the more recommendations it can push out. So we can push our system to the max to get more games for you but you’ll need to invite some friends.

Can I change some of my top rated tags? I would prefer to see more of X and less of Y

We are working on it as you read to allow you to do just this. Just hold on a little longer and it will
be personalized beyond your wildest dreams

Where can I search for more games?
Scroll to the bottom of the dashboard and you can go nuts! There’s over 10,000 games in our database.
How can I contact you?

For general information just email or to the the contact section at the bottom of the page.

Marketing/Sales ->
General Business ->
Support/Tech ->
Youtube/Content ->

What gaming accounts can I connect to?
For alpha. We have just connected steam to GameX. We are currently working on Xbox and playstation integrations. Afterwards we will be working on external PC platforms (uplay, battlenet, etc) and then finally mobile integrations.
Is gamex free?
GameX will always be free for its users.
How often do I get recommendations?
You receive three recommendations per week. Inviting your friends will give you more recommendations. This is simply because our recommendation engine is extremely in-depth and needs to see you playing more games to keep giving recommendations.

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