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Find the perfect game



Use our advanced recommendation engine to find that perfect game in seconds by connecting any major gaming account to GameX.

Personalised game recommendations across PC, Console and Mobile.

What is GameX

GameX Engine


The gameX engine is a powerful tool to find that perfect game for you, it connects with any gaming account such as steam and pulls information such as your gaming history, achievements, hours played and tags.



Any recommendation’s you get is saved to your profile, that way in future the GameX engine will be able to help find better and better games each week. The longer you get recommendation’s, the better it gets.



The best aspect of the GameX engine is the information on why you got your recommendation, from your top games you play to the most common tags found we will have all of your gamer stats in one handy place for you. This allows you to have a quick glance at your gaming preference and skills.



We will even have a feature where you can save your PC specs onto the GameX profile, that way you will be able to see if any game you get recommended or discover will be able to run on that device. Not only that, you can add as many devices as you want!

Growing Community



We have a growing community from all over the world, joining discussions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and our website(soon). We will also be creating live event’s all over the world for everyone to come together and discuss all things gaming.

4.GameX future

Our future is big and bright and we are only just starting, from creating just creating a online portal to find game recommendations to live gaming events and buying game keys. We will have everything covered in our GameX Roadmap which will be coming soon.